2003-04-22 • By: Worthless Records - BSpot Productions
Its not hard to look 'round and figure out who is about to break big time.

True story here, kids. Last time we had Five Iron to Phoenix, Vocab Malone opened the show. The guys from Five Iron dropped their show prep during Vocab's set, came out to watch, and loved it.

You listen. You watch. Vocab is next.

Here's the press release.

APRIL 2003 (PHOENIX, AZ) – What do cockroaches, God, and hip hop have to do with each other? Everything, if you’re Vocab Malone. The aforementioned are just some of the topics the Phoenix-based Christian hip hop artist covers in his 5th release, THE NOTEPAD NOMAD.

"Notepad Nomad is a twist of the classic ‘wandering poet’ theme," states Vocab. Except now there’s a whole new breed of vocab vagabonds who convey their observations using a totally urbanized form of art called hip hop. "I wanted to drop something that shows the non-hip hop community that hip hop can still be intelligent, relevant, and fun." Case in point - intelligent: on "Rezurectah", Vocab and fellow nomad, Emayus, detail the historical basis for the resurrection of Jesus Christ…313 A.D. / Christianity / went from Galilee / to the big city… Relevant: in "Pass the Breather", a firm case against marijuana is laid out in tongue-in-cheek fashion…wave goodbye to your cash / and hello to M*A*S*H / ya’know, a hospital / like the old sitcom / "But weed gives me peace, so I can sit calm… Fun: "Roaches" deals with those tiny little disease-carrying roommates…with big bug eyes and some halitosis / c’mon ya’ll it’s roaches…

"Life has taught this generation to express themselves through hip hop," Malone continues, "it’s sad this wonderful art is often used for perversion and exploitation, and that’s why I did songs like "Local MC’s" and "Don’t Mean Nothin’". Vocab believes creativity in general is misguided if it doesn’t give honor back to the Creator. Two fantastic examples of this attitude are found in the inspirational "U" and the experimental "Worship Muzik", both which feature the soulful stylings of hip hop folk singer Bryan Kilgore.

The 15 track album is diverse in its approach yet unified in its texture. The sound could be described as "happy hardcore"; pure and artistic, yet filled with memorable lines and catchy hooks. The lyrics are humorous yet insightful. The tracks are underground yet polished, mainly due to DJ Cre One’s innovative production. There’s also playful freestyles, hidden poems, a turntablist session with DJ Fidel Castro, and special guest appearances.

"People that rap are just humans who analyze reality, write down what they think, and put it to a beat." The Notepad Nomad … is it Shakespeare? Naa. Is it intelligent, relevant, and fun? Most definitely.

For Vocab Malone booking, call George Sizemore at 480.205.2170 or e-mail booking@vocabmalone.com

To find out the next Vocab Malone performance, check his schedule at www.vocabmalone.com


this dude isn't gonna break big. i saw one or two of his shows a while back and he dosen't even hold a card to anyone remotely descent in the industry. good for an opening local artists i guess but, not gonna break big. ya right. swayze rules.
patrick swayze * www.patrickswayze.com

Ha! That comment on the story is awesome!!!

Seriously, I'm gonna go check out your site right now, Patrick Swayze ... hey, now that I think about it, who are you, anyway? What was your last big movie, ya slouch ... Dirty Dancing??? Tango & Cash? (yikes!) j/k

Seriously, lots of love to Worthless Records for always being so positive and encouraging, for real.

Vocab Malone * www.vocabmalone.com

lol I like the way he rips of Vanilla Ice.. "Collaberate and listen"

He sounds like a wanna-be Eminem.

He'll get a deal, but don't look for Sony or Jive Records to sign him. Most likely some Christian rap label..

Illist??? Who uses the word "il" anymore??

Patrick Swayze *

YOYOYO - Vocab rocks. Keep it up Vocab!
Roger * http://www.SLTL.net

Hey "Pat":

Thank you for actually taking the time to go check out some of the songs (you referred to "Just Shut Up"). For real, that's cool.

And I don't know why the heck I even respond to your posts, but I can't help it b/c it's just fun and you say entertaining things. =)

Oh yeah, the Eminem comparison ... well, before he came out I was rapping the way I rap and people just said, "Oh, his voice sounds more high-pitched than what I'm used to hearing", or whatever. But now that there's a mass-media reference point, they say "Omigosh! Eminem-esque". I guess I understand. I'm from Ohio, he's from Michigan. I enunciate, so does he, etc.

I'm not the only Christian mc to have to hear that. Check Kj52's track "Dear Slim" and soon-to-be "Dear Slim II".

But all that being said, I never wanna sound like someone else or bit another cat's style ("thou shalt not steal", eh?). I just wanna be who God created me to be (from John Reuben's "Do Not").

For real,
Vocab Malone

ps-Sony or Jive? You gotta be kidding! I wanna be signed to Worthless Records!!! ha ...

Vocab * http://www.vocabmalone.com

I hope he gets signed to Worthless Records. Then we'll have the budget to sell out and do some gangsta rap. I could buy a casio keyboard and some gold teeth and Louis Vuitton sweater. Maybe they'll give us a budget so we can buy out Patrick Swayze, so he can be on our side! Once we have him on our team, Vocab + me will be unstoppable! If Swayze be for us, who can be against us?

Throw up your dubs!!! \/\/

cre * http://geocities.com/djcreone